Dual Di Filter

Gentle Pro Series

$300.00 $200.00

Dual Di Filter


Dual Di Filter

DI Water Cartridge with Pre-Filter

Our new Pro Series DI Water Cartridge includes the Pre-Filter Plus both necessary.

This DI Filter is 100% compatible with Candela PRO series lasers produced after 2016.

Sanphorus recommends the replacement of the DI Cartridge at each preventative maintenance service.

We recommend 2 PM services per year.This Candela Particulate filter  will fit most Candela laser machines including:

  • GentleMax Pro
  • GentleLase Pro
  • GentleYag Pro
  • Candela Pro Series

Few notes to keep in mind:

  • This Candela Di Cartridge is New not refurbished.
  • This filter will keep the water clean in the Candela machine.
  • Replacing and keeping this filter clean can eliminate big damage to the machine and to the laser head.

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  • If the di filter is not working properly can not deionise the distilled water. Problems about dual di filter can make harm other main parts such as laser head, laser rod, flash lamps or system of laser machine.
  • Sanphorus recommends replacement twice a year at each machine maintenance.