PRO Series Distance Gauge 18mm

Candela Pro Series

$84.00 $50.00


Candela Pro Series Distance Gauge 18mm Gpro

These are premium quality 18 mm Distance Gauges for Candela.

Each package contains a box of 5 pieces of Distance Gauges.

  • These Distance Gauges are ready for immediate right out of the box use (window and o-ring are installed).
  • The windows on the Distance Gauges are dual coated and compatible with PRO series Family laser machines.

This Distance Gauge is compatible with the following Candela machines:

  • GentleLase PRO
  • GentleYag PRO
  • GentleMAX PRO


Candela PRO Series

  • Should be used with care and caution and keep clean.
  • Sanphorus reccomends machine maintenance twice a year.