Fiber Optic 12, 15, 18mm

Gentle Mini Series



Fiber Optic 12, 15, 18mm

Buy a brand new delivery system, to make sure the Transmissions is correct

The fiber is very fragile and should not be bent. The fiber optics inside are glass and it can break easily, so be very careful. Also you should be very careful when connecting the fiber because the connector is also very fragile and can break the entire fiber.

The fiber brings the energy from inside the machine to be projected onto the treatment area of the patient. Our fibers have the highest quality to ensure that your patients get the best results.

This fiber set is compatible with Mini GentleLase Systems.

Sanphorus offers great solutions for your Candela delivery system.


  • Sanphorus fiber optics designed and produced with exactly the same as original inputs and outputs to be easy intall and compatible with end cap kit. If you need to chance any of them, fiber optic or end cap kit, you can replace individually.
  • Please keep end cap lenses and hand piece window clean and use unharmed for fiber optic efficiency and performance.