Candela Laser Head, MINI Gentle Lase, SP 00561


Sanphorus Laser Head is new not refurbished with all parts and cover. It manufactured with high quality materials by Sanphorus. this laser head compatible with mini gentle lase and mini gentle yag candela laser machines laser chamber is brand new compatible with candela laser machine 

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Laser Head

Sanphorus Laser Head is new not refurbished:

our laser head is the source of the machine functionality and we guarantee the best performance using our parts

  • New triple bore
  • New seal kit include all o-rings
  • New light blocking kit
  • New flow tubes
  • Applying and re-coating with reflective powder.
  • New Cavity

Note: This product doesn’t include Laser Rod.

This product compatible with Gentle Mini Series Systems


Sanphorus recommends replacing the laser head when any of the following cases occurs:

  • When your system setting can not achieve the setting and the power requested.

  • When you hear a thumping sound or when you do not get sufficient speed and energy during treatment.

Sanphorus recommends maintenance twice a year.


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