Candela Laser Head Flash Lamp, MINI&PRO, SP 00562


High quality original Candela flash lamps. This lamps are for all models od Candela. A Candela flash lamp is generally located in the laser head of the aesthetic laser machine.

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Flash Lamp

High-quality, new flash lamps for Candela Gentle Pro and Mini series with O-rings seal kit. Each package contains 2 flash lamps and 1 complete O-rings seal kit.

These flash lamps are compatible with the following Candela machines:

  • GentleLase
  • GentleYag
  • GentleLase Plus
  • Mini GentleLase MGL
  • Mini GentleYag MGY
  • GentleMax (GMAX)
  • Gentle Pro


  • Flash lamp has a lifetime depending on the number of laser pulses.
  • Keeping to clean of the water cooling system is very important for the lamps.
  • It is necessary to regularly check the water, replace it with distilled water once a month and repalce the water filters every 6 months.
  • Sanphorus reccomends machine maintenance twice a year.

A Candela flash lamp is located in the laser head of the aesthetic laser machine. The lamp creates preferred energy according to the determined settings, then the energy is fired into other laser head components such as the rod, optics, making it small enough to enter the hand unit, and then finally into the hand instrument through additional optics which adjust the size of the laser before it contacts the treatment area. The failure of any of those components may result in a disabled flash lamp. It is crucial to ensure that there is no dust gets into these components, as the dust could cause the laser head rod to burn or one of these components to fail: flash lamp, flow tubes, or others. Leaks in or pressures on the laser head can also cause the flash lamp to stop working. Also, a faulty power supply or capacitor can cause electrical imbalances through the unit, which can damage or burn the flash lamp. Once a significant decrease in power is noted, then it is time for lamp replacement.


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