Candela Mini Gentle Lase water tank, SP 00597


Water tank is important part of Candela Gentle lase  Mini and mini gentle yag  series for water cooling system. Produced by high quality plastic material. ready to install brand new 

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Water Tank


The water tank is a storage container for water that is utilized to circulate and cool various machine components, such as the laser head and flashlight. The water tank might be damaged over time if it is used often and for a prolonged period of time. This is usually caused by high water temperatures, which can rupture the tank and produce a leak over time. The presence of residue, a tint that coats the interior of the tank, is another reason to replace the water tank. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you believe your machine's water tank needs to be replaced. We'll be pleased to assist you.


The Water Tank is made of heavy-duty plastic, please make sure all time the water tank is clean. This tank is compatible with:

  • Mini Gentle Series
  • Candela Mini Gentle Lase
  • Candela Mini GentleYag


  • Water tank connector parts could be fray out or crack in time and water leaks. This situation may very harmful for other main parts such as laser head.
  • Should be checked on every maintenance period.
  • Sanphorus recommends maintenance twice a year.


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