DI Water Filter

Mini Series

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DI Water Filter

Di Filter

DI Water Filter Cartridge for Candela & Cynosure Laser SP 00571

The DI Water Cartridge should be changed regularly by trained laser service professionals.

This Filter is compatible with:

  • Gentle Series
  • Mini Gentle Series
  • Gentle Pro Series
  • Sanphorus recommends the replacement of the DI Cartridge at each preventative maintenance service. We recommend to do 1 PM services per 6 month.
    For additional information, please contact us directly.


  • Most aesthetic machines use water for cooling the system. The water pump pumps this water throughout the components of the machine which require cooling such as laser head, flash lamp, laser rod, flow tubes and more to prevent overheating.
  • The DI Water Filter helps ensure that the pumped water ions are kept at a negative charge and the water is clear of dissolved solids. This helps keep the ions in the water at a negative charge in order to protect other components of the laser. If positively charged ions continuously enter the machine, it can cause electrical static/shocks which can burn components of the machine.