Mini Gentle Lase Capacitor

Gentle Mini Series



Candela Gentle Lase mini Capacitor packaged and ready to ship anywhere in the world.

This MGL capacitor is new and comes with a 1-year warranty.

This Capacitor is compatible with following Candela machine:

  • Gentle lase mini Series

Candela Gentle Lase Capacitor Important Information

The capacitor is essentially a voltage storing box, whereby the High Voltage Power Supply feeds it with electrical energy. Laser and IPL machines often require high voltages which a standard wall outlet cannot provide. Therefore a capacitor is needed in order for the machine to function. When the trigger is pressed, the machine can instantly shoot significantly more power than a standard wall outlet can provide.

This  Capacitor is compatible with the following machines:

  • Candela Mini GentleLase MGL


If the capacitor has been worn down, your machine will give you an error message and will not function until the capacitor is replaced. There are capacitors in most electrical equipment today. They are used for exactly the same purpose. They store energy and release it at a steady flow or a one single burst of energy, as the equipment is designed to work. Capacitors can get damaged over time and not work as well. When this happens, it is time to replace it. Failure to replace the capacitor on time, can in rare instances cause an explosion. If you think you are having an issue with the capacitor in your laser or IPL aesthetic equipment, we recommend you call us immediately.