Hand Piece Cover Mini Series

Gentle Mini Series

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Sanphorus offers a great solution for your Candela delivery system.

Candela Mini GentleLase / Mini GentleYAG Shell Case (Handpiece Cover) – New and ready to ship at your request.

Candela Mini GentleLase / Mini GentleYAG Handpiece Shell Cover

The shell cover is the casing which protects the inside components of the handpiece. Oftentimes we see doctors and medical spa owners use duct tape and other forms of gluing the pieces of a broken shell case back together. This can give off a bad impression to your client about your professionalism and working equipment. If you need help installing the shell cover, feel free to give us a call. We’ll be happy to help

This shell case is compatible with the following Candela systems:

  • Mini GentleLase MGL
  • Mini GentleYag MGY


  • Should be used with care and caution.
  • When it is broken should be replaced with new one for the protection of other parts and pieces in the hand piece cover.