Focusing Lenses

Gentle Pro & Mini Series

$195.00 $150.00


Focusing Lenses

This item contains a set of 2 focus lenses.

These are premium quality custom made focus lens, and crafted in exact accordance to the manufacturers requirements.

These focus lenses were applied with DUAL coating to achieve optimum durability and transmission of the laser beam 755 & 1064 nm. This will create better treatment results and allow your machine to be more time efficient.

These lens will fit the following Candela laser machines:

  • GentleYAG
  • GentleYAG Mini
  • GentleLase
  • GentleLase Mini


  • These lenses may have stain or fray out depend on treatment frequency in time.
  • Stained or damaged lenses decrease laser quality and treatment efficiency.
  • If you keep going to work with damaged lenses it may harm fiber optic and laser rod.