Hand Piece Delivery System DCD 20,22,24mm

Gentle Pro U

$2,300.00 $1,700.00


Hand Piece Delivery DCD System

Candela Pro Series Dcd Hp W/O Fiber Gpro20.22. 24mm Candela Pro Delivery System

Candela Pro Series Dcd Hp W/O Fiber  

This delivery system comes with a handpiece, NO fiber optic cable.

Sanphorus offers a great solution for your Candela delivery system.

This package includes.

candela delivery system 24mm. 

  • Buy a brand new delivery system.
  • This delivery system can work with sliders 20.22. 24mm

This delivery system is compatible with the following Candela machines:

  • GentlePRO  family
  • GentleLase PRO-U
  • GentleYag PRO-U
  • Gentlemax PRO-U


Hand Piece Delivery Dcd System

  • Hand piece delivery system (DCD system for Gpro 24mm) should be used carefully. Especially do not use the data cable to pull the machine.
  • When it broken, data cable needs to be replaced with a new one. Repaired cables will not be efficient for a long time.