DELIVERY SYSTEM 20,22,24 MM DCD,Pro Series,SP 00901


Sanphorus hand piece 20.22.24 mm large spot size DCD system , 20.22.24 mm fiber optic . 20.22.24mm end cap  for Candela Gentle Pro Series to upgrade to PRO U to can use large spot size. Sanphorus offers a great solution for your Candela PRO DCD delivery system. brand new delivery system for canela gentle lase pro gentle max pro 

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delivery system 20.22.24 mm DCD System


Sanphorus offers an excellent solution for your Candela Gentle Pro by upgrading it to the PRO U DCD delivery system 20,22,24 mm.

This set is brand new and made from heavy-duty materials, works with the DCD delivery system, And has a full worldwide guarantee.

Save your time, money, and expenses.

This set includes:

  • DCD system hand piece 20,22,24 m
  • fiber optic 20.22.24 mm
  • end cap kit 20.22.24 mm
  • distance gauge 20, 22,24 mm / 1 set /3 pieces
  • hand piece window holder 1/ set / 5 pieces

Upgrade system card to enable using large spot size 20,22,24 mm with 2.2 system version.

  • Buy brand new delivery system .
  • Heavy duty delivery system set .
  • Working with DCD cooling system.
  • Upgrade your system to make it working with large spot size 20,22,24 mm and 2.2 system version.
  • world wide full guaranty.

This delivery system is compatible with the following Candela machines:

  • Candela Gentle PRO family.
  • Candela Gentle Lase PRO.GentleYag PRO
  • Candela Gentle Yag PRO.
  • Candela Gentle Max PRO.


  • Just remove the old SD card and install the new one to enable your machine with a large spot size of 20.22.24 mm.
  • Remove the old delivery system and install the new delivery system and start using the large spot size.


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