Dcd Valve

Mini Series

$450.00 $300.00


Dcd Valve

Our New Cryogen Valve for Candela Systems handpiece, is compatible with all Candela models:

  • GentleLase
  • GentleYag
  • GentleLase Plus
  • GentleLase Mini
  • GentleYag Mini
  • GentleMax

Contaminated Cryogen can cause these valves to fail over time. Extend the life of your hand piece by only using good quality Cryogen. Installation of this handpiece component should be completed by a qualified service professional.

For MINI Series we recommend these valves.


  • If DCD valve is failure your machine can't manage gas open/close system anad gas cooling doesn't work properly and you can't continue current apply.
  • If you try to work with broken DCD valve you waste your gas.
  • Should be checked on every maintenance period.
  • Sanphorus recommends maintenance twice a year.