Candela GPRO Hand Piece Slider Sensor PCB – ACC (20-22-24MM), SP00624


Candela hand piece slider sensor 20-22-24 mm spot size sense compatible with ACC gentle lase pro gentle max pro gentle yag pro brand new world wide free shipping.

Sanphorus produces high quality hand piece slider sensor board for Candela GentleLase Pro.


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Hand Piece Slider Sensor Pcb Board ACC 20-22-24MM

Candela GPRO Hand Piece Board 7111-00-2795( brand new )

This PCB is compatible with 20-22-24MM ACC in the following candela family ;

  • GentleMax Pro
  • Gentle lase Pro
  • Gentle Yag Pro


Hand Piece Slider Sensor Pcb Board

  • When this card malfunctions, the machine can not see the handpiece, and the laser can not be applied. In some cases, it does not read one or more of the application diameter dimensions, and laser processing can not be done at those dimensions. And then the sensor board must be changed.
  • Sanphorus recommends machine maintenance every 6 months.


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