Candela Flow Sensor,GPRO, SP 00418


Sanphorus flow sensor checks if water circulation proper for Candela Gpro water system.

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Candela Pro Flow Sensor

Flow sensor for the Gentle Pro series of Candela laser family. Flow sensor is part of the water cooling system .

Flow sensor is for the following machines:

  • Candela GentleLase Pro
  • Candela GentleMax Pro
  • Candela GentleYag Pro
  • Candela GentleLase Pro U
  • Candela GentleYag Pro U
  • Candela Gentlemax Pro U


  • Flow sensor checks if water circulation proper and Iwaki pump works well and gives information to screen.
  • If there is some problem about water circulation flow sensor checks and give fault code and stops machine to protect other parts and system.


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