How to spot the good spare part from the bad ones
Choosing the good spare part for your machine is essential to ensure its functionality and lifetime and work correctly.

Build Quality

We use the best quality materials and highest standards during the manufacturing processes to meet our client’s expectations and provide the highest value for the prices we offer.
To build a high-quality product, it’s not only about the materials you use. It’s about the value you are providing for the buying customer.
At Sanphorus, we give enormous attention to every detail from the materials used, packaging, prices, after-sale services.

Test and Quality Control

All our products are subject to a very restricted quality control process to ensure that all our shipped products meet the same quality level.
Our experts perform the tests on a unit level, even though we provide a bulletproof guarantee and return policy, no questions asked!

Guarantee policy

As a part of our complete services and value delivery to our customers, we have the best guarantee and return policy in the market and are accessible to all our customers, and cover all our products.


At Sanphorus, we do provide the best spare parts for candela for the most competitive prices.
Check our product line and buy the most durable parts for your machine at sanphorus.com.


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