How to clean a Candela laser hair removal machine?

As a dermatologist keeping sure that your candela laser hair removal machine is regularly cleaned is very essential to keep your machine functional and prevent any damage to your machine and clients.

For example, the Candela Gentle Pro Machine is a multipurpose machine that can be used for several treatments like unwanted hair removal, Diffuse Redness, Hemangioma, and Leg Veins so some of the damage caused by not cleaning the machine can be shown at unexpected moments.

Daily cleaning routine

Check the water level in the machine first thing in the morning and replenish it if necessary. Start by turning on the power at the rear of your computer, then the key. Allow the machine to warm up for at least 20-30 minutes. Finally, assemble all of the distance gauges and examine the slider cap glass for any debris; if the window is damaged, it should be replaced.

Regular cleaning of the distance gauge and protective window is required to keep your equipment in good working order and to give the best possible service to your customers. The life of the distance gauge and protective glass can be extended by cleaning them on a regular basis. The laser energy that is not absorbed by the treatment point is reflected back to the distance gauge, heating any debris that remains in the region and eventually burning it onto the gauge or glass. If this happens, parts will need to be replaced.

Regular Cleaning Routine means new disposal and spare parts

To make a successful business with your candela machine you have always to minimize the initial cost as much as possible and to be able to reduce the costs to have more profit margin you have always to make sure you are getting the highest quality parts at the lowest price.

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