End Cap Lens Kit 12, 15, 18mm

Gentle Pro Series

$550.00 $350.00

End Cap Lens Kit 12, 15, 18mm


End Cap Lenses Kit 12, 15, 18mm

This product includes the slider and end cap lenses, no fiber optic or cable, which offers an optimal solution for your Candela delivery system, brand new not refurbished product.

1064 nm & 755 nm wave length

The delivery system is compatible with the following Candela units:

  • GentlePRO Family
  • Gmax Pro
  • Glase Pro
  • Gyag Pro
  • Gentle Pro Series


  • End cap lenses should be used clean and undamaged. If you keep using stained or damaged lenses it does harm fiber opric, also decrease laser quality and efficiency.
  • Sanphorus recommends machine maintenance twice a year.