Why Sanphorus?

Because Sanphorus provides services to its clients in their countries, thus ensuring fast delivery of all repair and maintenance services, as well as fast delivery of parts and equipment.

New parts only… Why no refurbished parts?

To ensure optimal performance and desired quality, to provide valid guarantee that the parts are entirely new, not refurbished, and to protect clients from commercial fraud, as Sanphorus sells new parts without recollecting used ones.

How to purchase parts through Sanphorus?

Through Sanphorus’ contact information provided on the website, as well as through Sanphorus’ offices and distributors worldwide; our services are delivered directly in your country.

How long is Sanphorus Warranty period?

Warranty period varies depending on the part and on the usage (pulses). In case of misuse of the equipment, Sanphorus warranty is no longer valid. Damaged parts are sent to Sanphorus Labs, where they are examined. In case it is a manufacturing defect, Sanphorus sends replacements right away. In case the defect is the result of technical misuse of the equipment or parts, the user bears any major repair costs.

How does Sanphorus conduct the international shipping?

In order to provide fast and safe delivery of products, Sanphorus has contracted with international shipping companies that provides door-to-door services.

What are the terms of payment?

Payments are made via chartered banks, using credit cards and bankcards in the client’s country, or via direct bank transfers to Sanphorus bank account. When payments are made via bank transfers, clients must send transfer receipts via email.

How the tax is collected?

Taxes vary from one country to another in accordance with the local customs requirement in the client’s country. The client pays taxes upon delivery.